The Echo & Play Like A Girl Present


Gavlyn, Welfair, amindi k. fro$t

Monday June 12

8:00 pm

$10 Advance / $12 Day of Show

This event is all ages

Reverie is an enthralling storyteller whose supernatural lyrical flow mirrors a compelling personal history.

Growing up with a single mother in the Highland Park neighborhood of Northeast Los Angeles, she remembers, “I thought I was crazy and my family was fucked up." Intuitively creative, Reverie was drawn to words. She discovered ‘underground’ hip-hop via the local cable television station, and in seventh grade started writing her own raps. Overcoming significant shyness, she eventually performed at her first open mic at 18 and was on her way.

With two brothers in and out of juvenile detention, and her own affinity for hanging with the local Highland Park gang, Reverie still managed to make good grades, despite what she characterizes as “hella drama.” Her mother moved the family to Seattle where she and her brother, Louden, began creating music together, but they soon returned home, to the streets where Reverie adopted her tagger moniker, “…because I was always dreaming, always thinking.”

A series of mixtapes and albums including Sitting Upside Down, Half Full and The Transition chronicled her experiences. “As I have evolved, the music has evolved,” she says. Her audience has grown exponentially, and globally, as she tours the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and Europe, where she has a devoted following.

Reverie is currently recording her most accomplished music yet. She creates in the moment as the beats inspire the words that she distills into songs. She is constantly working on new and upcoming projects. She is set to drop 2 more projects in 2017 that will feature producers from all over the world, including herself.

An intricate tapestry of tattoos adorns Reverie's skin, each one symbolic. Across her chest the words read, “This life is but a dream, we are blessed to be living,” a lyric quote from Murs, one of her inspirations. For Reverie, lyrics and life reveal the power in this creed, “I want my music to bring people peace; to let them know – if they’re having relationship troubles, problems with their parents, getting sober, or contemplating suicide -- that they’re not alone. I used to sell drugs, now I sell music. I love what I’m doing.”

photo credit to Enkrypt Los Angeles
The 25 -year-old L.A.-based rapper GAVLYN is fresh off her 6th international tour sharing stages with the likes of Wutang Clan, Schoolboy Q, Big Sean, Steve Aoki and many more. She’s signed to indie label Broken Complex which supports artists on an international scale and aims to give Hip Hop music a fresh, poetic and timeless touch. GAVLYN’s music is inspired by Old School, 70’s Funk and 60’s music. Yet, despite her devotion to Hip Hop, it’s not her only source of inspiration. Cit: “It’s important for the music to be open-minded and not to limit oneself “.. GAVLYN is one-of-a-kind. Even if her Beats sound fresh from the 90’s, with modern accents, her unique voice, her authentic vibe, and direct air make her a rare artist on the scene. She’s released 4 albums with Broken Complex and her track What I Do has been played 7 million times on YouTube.
Welfair: Honest: straightforward; over all well-being.
Danielle Espinoza is Welfair's creator, vision, and core member of 5 years. After pursuing dance for 12 years, Danie called it quits after an epiphany she encountered. During her first year at college, she started to experiment with music by singing co-lead for a jazz/alternative/soul band "The Thickest Thieves.” After that taste of music she was hooked. Danie began to realize what music did for her, and what her voice gave to people. She received such a positive response and found her favorite outlet. Danie made the decision to quit school after her 2nd year in college. She began sculpting her own vision and from that, Welfair came to fruition.

Welfair's first "Gem.In.I" EP dropped in January of 2012. A play on words with the intention to remind everyone that there is a gem in us all. Positive feedback was received from the EP. Given Welfair the opportunity to travel and perform out of state, encouraged Danie to move forward with the project. Welfair has now grown into an aspiration. Welfair experienced a four year interval from writing and recording, and discovered anticipation from loyal fans. Welfair's 2nd EP "Good Mourning" was released last November. The EP is in dedication and loving memory of her brother Michael Henry Cisneros, who she lost to suicide in September of 2015. "Good Mourning" is also a play on words, and a pour from her heart and soul. Depicting the painfully positive outcome and growth, mourning a loss can bring if you allow it. Production is provided by close friend, and multi-instrumentalist Mac Hill.

All of Welfair's new material is about Michael, and Welfair's experience through the entire mourning process. As disheartening of a topic as this is, you can still expect the neo-soul, funk styled grooves to soften all of her lyric blows. The EP dropped on Michael Henry's birthday, November 25, 2016.
amindi k. fro$t
amindi k. fro$t
Versatile singer-songwriter Amindi K. Fro$t from Los Angeles creates a harmonious balance in Libra fashion of youthful radiance and blissful solitude in her own unique style of music blending Neo soul, hip-hop, and R&B with Caribbean fusions tracing to her cultural roots. Combining her passion for poetry and music with wisdom beyond her years, Amindi provides a voice worth hearing with her powerful lyricism.
Venue Information:
1822 W. Sunset Blvd
The Echoplex is located below The Echo, enter through the alley at 1154 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026